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Pipes for Potheads                                           Candy Relics

Pipes for Potheads is a place for ceramic, smoke friendly, and like minded people to come together – A place for them to live in the nostalgia of the past and enjoy the legality of today. We know that ceramics could never compete with glass, but we sure do compete with the memories of smoking back in the day, but a little more classy this time around.

A few years ago for the holidays, designer David Price started making the Can Pipe as gifts for friends from high school and suddenly he got a handful of orders from their friends, and their friend’s friends….and just like that Pipes for Potheads was born.

Pipes for Potheads is a side project for the minds behind Candy Relics.

Candy Relics’ is a product design team located in Portland, OR. Working primarily in the medium of ceramics.

David Price, who is the designer, has been working in ceramics since childhood. Discovering the art of mold making 15 years ago, his work has made its dramatic change to the rustic, reinvented, modern designs we see today with Candy Relics.

When approaching ceramics, David’s view is seen as an opportunity to challenge functional design in the construction of objects to correlate with our everyday lives. These objects of handcrafted design are brought to you directly from his studio, ensuring the highest of quality.

Visit our main site – Candy Relics